The Altmetric API

Unlock the full potential of your data

Power and flexibility when you need it

Altmetric does all the heavy lifting involved in extracting, disambiguating and collating mentions of scholarly content online, allowing you focus on the bigger picture.

The Altmetric API gives you programmatic access to the metrics data associated with articles, datasets books, and many other research outputs collected by Altmetric.

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Deliver new insights

Get the answers you want

With full API access you can query all Altmetric data to pull out the insights you need

Customise the user experience

The API enables you to choose how and where Altmetric data appears on your platform


Enhanced reporting

Altmetric data can be fed via the API into other internal systems, making it easy to enhance existing reporting workflows

A unique view

Altmetric tracks and collates a wealth of information: access to the full API offers huge scope for what you can uncover and showcase

Your data, your style


Key Features

Comprehensive data

Instant access to individual mentions of research and a breakdown of the score for each output.


We run our own products from our API. In 2015 we used it to serve 1 billion badges and handle over 3 billion requests.

Technical support

Our team will be happy to help get you started and answer any questions you might have at any point along the way.

How are other people using it?


Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.06.43

The SciCombinator project uses the Altmetric API to provide a real-time feed of trending research.


ASHA uses the API to present a list of trending articles from their journals on the Journals Academy blog.

Access and pricing

Access to the Altmetric API is available via a variety of license types. This table gives an overview of the types and their key properties:

Type Conditions of use What can I do with it? 
Free API
  • For researchers working on a specific academic, one-off project
  • Must give attribution to Altmetric when using data
  • Run queries and retrieve counts of mentions from each source tracked by Altmetric. Rate limited.
Free API with a key
  • For researchers working on a specific academic, one-off project
  • Must give attribution to Altmetric when using data,  let Altmetric know what project you’re working on with the data and provide updates
  • Run queries and retrieve counts of mentions from each source tracked by Altmetric. No rate limits.
Commercial API
  • Paid, contract access
  • Display the data as and where you choose
  • Run queries and retrieve full text of mentions (excluding Tweets due to licensing restrictions).
  • Display data publicly (as agreed in contract), with no rate limits.

If you’re not sure what type of access is right for you please get in touch via the form below and we will quickly figure this out with you.